A Brief History

Served at Vung Tau, South Vietnam from 1 Apr 1966 to 5 Jul 1967.

The unit was formed in August 1914, as No1 Company AASC. During World War 1, the Company saw active service in Khartoum and Gallipoli (landing there on 3rd May 1915) and later in Egypt against the forces of Ja'far Pasha, an ally of Turkey. In April 1916, the Company moved to France where it served with distinction on the Western Front. After the Armistice was signed the Company was finally disbanded whilst stationed in Belgium in 1919.

There is no record of the Unit existing between the Wars. However the supply Column of the first Division AMF was located at Paddington N.S.W. with a detachment at Kelvin Grove in Brisbane. The organization was equivalent in all aspects except its name.

During World War 11 the supply Column of the 6th Division AASC was renamed 1 Company AASC in 1942. After departing for the Middle East the Company saw service in both Ceylon and New Guinea. Spending just over 12 Months stationed at Port Moresby the Company then renamed 2/1 Australian Company AASC, returned to Cairns in North Queensland and remained there until disbanded in July 1944.

In1948 the Company was reformed at Puckapunyal, and for some years this Unit was the only regular Army Transport Company serving in the AMF, 1 Transport Company as it was called, remained in Puckapunyal supporting the three National Service Battalions which were stationed there. The company was also responsible for the Corps Training of Recruits, a task later adopted by the Army Service Corps School. In 1957 the unit was moved to NSW.

1n 1966 the Company was deployed to Vung-Tau South Vietnam, as part of the 1st Australian Logistic Support Group. On deployment the Company comprised of A Headquarters, 1 Transport Platoon RAASC equipped with 33 International 2 ½ Ton GS Vehicles, 87 Transport Platoon RAASC (from Puckapunyal) equipped with a combination of 33 2 ½ Ton International Tip Trucks and 2 ½ Ton GS Vehicles, 21 Supply Platoon RAASC, a Detachment of 176 Air Despatch Company from Walgrove NSW, a Transport Company Workshops RAEME and mid tour, 8 Petroleum Platoon RAASC (also from Puckapunyal). The Unit also had administrative responsibility for the 1 Div Cash Office and Det 1 Div Post Office. In 1967 5 Coy RAASC replaced I Coy RAASC. After the unit was returned to Australia being based at Ingleburn NSW where it remained until November 1971. The Company then moved to Gallipoli Lines in Holsworthy. This move enabled a more intimate transport support to be provided to the then 10 Task Force (now 1st brigade).

In 1973 the Royal Australian Army Service Corps was disbanded and The Royal Australian Corps of Transport was raised. As part of the change, 1 Coy RAASC became known as 1st Transport Company RACT. On 1st June 1977 the Company was involved in a reorganisation program, which saw the Divisional Transport Column renamed the First Divisional Transport Regiment. The Company was renamed 1st Transport Squadron RACT on the same date.

History supplied by Ted Baulch