A Brief History

Served in Vietnam from 21 Apr 1967 to 12 Nov 1970

The following unit history was supplied by Ray (Blue) Richardson.

Amendments/updates supplied by Dennis Kugler & Joe Lavery

Unit motto "Get It Through With 2 Tpt Pl RAASC"

The photo was taken in the later part of
1969 and shows the following:
1. HQ 2 Tpt Pl RAASC building.
2. 2 Tpt Pl "Motto".
3. Tak Board.
4. Notice/Tasking Board, and
5. Tpt Office.

Photo taken & supplied by 43494 Sgt G.D.
Hooper, Admin Sgt, 2 Tpt Pl RAASC

The platoon was located at Vung Tau within the 1 ALSG Logistics area even though it was Div Tpt. Prior to 1970 it was mainly employed in cargo transport with a twice daily supply convoy to 1 ATF, Nui Dat and convoys to FSB's and the Horseshoe.

The units main vehicle was the International Mk 3 truck which was used until the end of 1967, in 1968 it was replaced by the International Mk 5.

The unit had 2 x Landrover, one permently set up as a gun jeep and the other could be converted if required. The work horse of the Platoon was the International Mk V truck GS 5 ton, which was capable of being configured as a flat top, low or high side, high side with side seating (used for refuge and village lifts) or centre seating (for troop lifts). There were three vehicles in the reserve pool and five per section. However these were allocated to the sections so that each had 5 trucks.

In 1970 2 Tpt Pl's role changed somewhat, we were involved in many troop lifts and carried troops and supplies in platoon strength convoy to all Fire Support Bases when they were either re-established or established for the first time. This included lifting US Troops to the Fire Support Base at the Bin Ba Rubber. In this role the Platoon took part in several 100 vehicle convoys (APC's included). One large convoy was organised to uplift Boy Scouts to a Jamboree at Vung Tau.

The platoon was also involved in the cordon and search of Xuin Moc. The Infantry Commander who was responsible for all tactical matters while the platoon was carrying Infantry, used the trucks as a light shield around the village forcing any from leaving, to move through the interlocking head light beams. The trucks had to be run ever so often to ensure that the batteries would not run down. The platoon personel were used as part of the cordon. I always wonder what a target we would have made for the mortars which had been operating in the area. Members of the platoon also took on Infantry patrols on Long Son Island for several weeks during 1970.

No vehicles were lost due to action in 1970, though an APC was destroyed in the middle of a convoy re-supply run to Fire Support Base BOND and an anti-tank rocket was accidently ignited by ARVN personnel in the back of a vehicle at the Horseshoe in 1969. The co-driver LCpl Dick Pursell jumped into the back of the vehicle and used several fire extinguishers putting out the fire and was awarded the MID for his action.

The Platoon departed from South Vietnam in Nov 1970 and were temporarily located at Enoggera Bks were many of our RAS(National Service) troops were demobed (discharged).

  2 Tpt Pl trucks at the Horse shoe in 1969.