A Brief History

Served in Vietnam from 2 Mar 1967 to 12 Mar 1972

(The following unit history was supplied by Alan Eason)

25 Supply Platoon was raised in April 1966 at Holsworthy, NSW. The first OC was Captain P.G. York and the first Supplies Officer was Lieutenant R.R. Hay. The unit was sent on exercise Barra Winga as training prior to deployment. The slogan SAIF was created by 5 Company OC, Major N.W.J. McVilly, and the tortoise logo came into being when the advance party headed by Major McVilly picked up a tortoise wandering across the road somewhere between Brisbane and the training area at Raspberry Plains.

This detachment is responsible for the operation of the 1ATF Ammunition Point and the Helicopter Rearming Point on Kangaroo Helipad. It consists of three RAAOC personnel - an Ammunition Technician (SSGT) and two storemen.

The 1ATF AP has storage facilities for ammunition and explosives excluding tank ammunition. In addition, a bay is allocated for the storage of unservicable ammunition and captured enemy munitions prior to destruction or backloading to 1ALSG. The AP is sited on the side of Nui Dat hill and the bays have been cut back into the hill with blast walls along the access road.

The Helicopter Rearming point holds 2.75inch HE rockets and smaller calibre ammunition (7.62 and 40mm grenades) for aircraft operating from Nui Dat. There is a constant requirement for the 2.75inch rockets and the detachment is responsible for the preparation, assembly and storage of them.

25 Supply replaced 21 Supply at 1ALSG in Vung Tau in April 1967 when 5 Company replaced 1 Company. 25 Supply also had personnel attached to 52 Supply at Nui Dat. Capt York and Lt Hay were replaced by Capt L.N. Francis and Lt R.L. Denner in April 1968. Lt Denner was attached to 52 Supply at Nui Dat in July 1968 and he was replaced at Vung Tau by Lt K Laffer. Capt Francis and Lt Laffer were replaced by Capt B.H. Manning and Lt J. Philip. It is not known who succeeded Capt Manning and Lt Philip but 25 Supply's last OC and 2IC at Vung Tau were Capt Halmarick and Lt G.R. Donoghue. Most of the unit's replacements came from 4 Supply at Randwick, NSW, and 29 Supply at Wacol in Queensland. The last personnel pulled out of South Vietnam on 24 February 1972 and arrived in Sydney five days later. 25 Supply was disbanded when RAASC ceased to exist on 1 June 1973. The unit was renamed 25 Combat Supply Platoon RAAOC and was based at Holsworthy.

(History supplied by ALAN EASON)