Served in Vietnam from 18 Dec 1967 to 5 May 1971.


The story of INDIA 10

(Supplied by Denny van Maanenberg (Nui Dat) 69/70)

My recollections of INDIA 10 are that in 1969/70, 6 RAR had a commitment to supply 3 Cavalary Regiment with infantry protection.. Apparently 6 RAR was under strength so the Task Force Maintenance Area was directed to form a composite section to act as infantry protection for 3 Cav. We did a crash grunt weapons course at ARU within Nui Dat and before we knew it, we were INDIA 10 and were off on the top of APC's doing patrols, setting up ambushes, recovering VC dead, sweeping areas, and getting shot at with small arms fire and RPG's. All in all, INDIA 10 went out for several days or weeks at a time, usually with tanks, ARV's and even a bridge layer. From memory, I went out three times as a Radio Operator, Machine Gunner, or Rifleman.

The following is a description of once incident during a patrol and is from a copy of the original document.

TFMA Section INDIA 10 were on patrol accompanied by two sections of local ARVN. The three sections were moving in three single columns, INDIA 10 being the centre one. On approaching a cornfield which lay directly in front of thick undergrowth, we were fired upon bt an unkown force. The three forward scouts immediately returned the fire, whilst the remainder went to ground Cpl Ford ordered an immediate sweep through the area, when our fire was not acknowledged. On entering the cornfield at approximately the place where the fire originated, we came across a thatched hut. Inside the hut was a rifle later identified as a Springfield 30. calibre, plus two satchels containing documentation of an unknown nature. After an unsuccessful search for the enemy, we were ordered to return to our tank force element which was situated approximately 600 yards north. On reaching their location, the documentation was handed to the officer in charge. The weapon was kept by INDIA 10 ans was brought back to TFMA by Pte Westburgh the following day.

Dated 29 July 1969

(Note) In the document, the original text indicated that the weapon was returned by Pte Endersbee - however his name has been crossed out and Westburgh was noted in its place. (The weapon later disappeared).

The members of the patrol were as follows, Section Commander Cpl J. Ford, Section 2IC LCpl B. Bridle, Forward Scout Pte E. Westburgh, 2nd Scout Pte D. Endersbee, Radio Op Pte D. van Mannenberg, Machine Gnr, Pte K. Cooper, Riflemen Pte T. Stefanou, Pte M. Grosse, Pte Dweyer, and Pte I. Phillips (The majority of these diggers were from 85 Tpt Pl).