A Brief History

85 Transport Platoon served in Vietnam from 2 Mar 1967 to 16 Sep 1971

Unit was nicknamed "The Roadrunner"

Mk 5 INTERNATION TRUCK - 6 Wheel Drive - This vehicle served in Vietnam and is on display at the Vietnam Veterans Museum, 57 Phillip Island Rd, San Remo, Victoria

The Transport Platoon itself included 27 five-ton tippers, 13 cargo-carrying vehicles and 2 tank transporters which were capable of carrying the 52 ton Centurion tank.

This unit has operated as part of 26 Coy RAASC since January 1968. In addition to its five sections (two sections of 5 Ton Cargo, three sections of 5 Ton Dump vehicles) the platoon also operates the following vehicles:
1 x 5 Ton Garbage Truck
2 x 2½ Ton Water Trucks
2 x 50 Ton Tank Transporters (American).

One of the 5 Ton Dump sections works under the command of 5 Coy RAASC in the 1ALSG area.

The unit is responsible for the following tasks:

Troop carrying.
Load carrying.
Water delivery.
Herbicide and pesticide spraying.
Bulk dry garbage collection.
Providing dump vehicles for Engineer work.
In carrying out these tasks the unit has been involved in all major operations mounted by 1ATF. A transport section is deployed with the Fwd TFMA if road movement is possible.

The Vehicles Role

Tank transporters were mainly used to transport the D8 Bulldozers for the engineer land clearing teams.

The cargo vehicles main roles were the resupply of fire support bases and to move the three battalions around Phuoc Tuy province.

The tippers were used mainly in road construction. Their average monthly mileage was between 40.000 and 50.000 miles, with an average daily availability of 21 vehicles. The loads of blast rock and Laterite usually averaged between 8 and 12 tons per vehicle. (This Information supplied by Leon Routley and taken from an article written by Cpl Dean Ryan in the Army Newspaper in 1970).

Commemorative Plaque

This plaque located on the Anzac Highway, Adelaide, SA opposite bus stop 8. More information to follow. Photo supplied by Errol Johnson & Tony French