A brief History

86 Transport Platoon served in Vietnam from 9 Jan 1967 to 12 Mar 1972

Raised in Puckapunyal on the 1st of July 1960 as 86 TPT PL.
Served in South Vietnam as part of 5 Coy RAASC with Mk. V International Trucks, Tippers and Semi-trailers (Semi's were supplied by the US Army).
Troop Emblem Designed During Service in Vietnam.
Returned to Australia in 1972 to become part of 26 Transport Company.

86 Transport is now part of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT)

The Primary Role of 86 Transport Troop is to Provide Specialist Force Support Road Transport to the RDF(Ready
Deployment Force) and Second Line Support to the LSG(Logistic Support Group).

The Troops Secondary Role is to Supplement Divisional Transport
A Special Thanks to Sgt Tom Lambert, 26 Transport Sqn, Puckapunyal, Victoria, Who supplied the above Information.


International Mk. 5 (5 ton), used throughout the War by RAASC, this one has 86 Transport Platoon
(5 Coy) emblem on the front. This particular vehicle is now on display at the
Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

The History of the particular vehicle pictured above has come to hand, and I hope it will make
interesting reading, A Special thanks goes to Bill Denny (86 Tpt Pl & HQ 26 Tpt Coy 71/72) who
supplied this information, and who was actively involved with the aquisition and preservation of the
above Vehicle

This History is in Bill's own words.

In 1987, while going through some old Vietnam photograph's, I came accross a batch taken on 28 Feb 72. They were of the last convoy to leave Vung Tau. I really mean the Last convoy, we were the rear party for 1 ATF (it had been withdrawn from Nui Dat to 1 ALSG at Vung Tau some months previous). It really was a case of "Would the last one out please turn out the lights", as when the last few, drove out of the gates of 1 ATF (1 ALSG as most of us knew it) the South Vietnamese ARVN moved in. We drove to the Wharf, boarded LCM's (small landing craft) and were ferried out to HMAS Sydney. Our vehicles came out on barges and were loaded over the next 24 hours. We sailed from Vung Tau on Tue 29 Feb 72, escorted by HMAS Torrens (a new ship then) and arrived back in Sydney on Sun 12 Mar 72. We had stopped off shore of Townsville during the trip, to allow the rear party of 4 RAR (D Coy I think) to disembark.

Anyway back to the 5 tonner in question. Im my photo's of what was really the last operational convoy of the RAASC (We became RACT in 1973). I could identify a vehicle number plate 175031. I ran it through the Army data base and found that in 1987 the vehicle was still in service - in an Army Reserve Pool of loan vehicles in South Australia. It was about to be put up for sale by Government auction.

I notified all relevant authorities and we arranged for it to be released for the RACT Museum at Puckapunyal. I went back to Adelaide to pick the vehicle up and drove it to Puckapunyal. It was handed over on 3 July 87.


An extract of the Engine History Card appears below

Vehicle No. 175031

11 August 1969 Received from International Harvester

11 February 1971 Issued to 2AOD, Vung Tau

23 October 1971 Issued to 5 Coy

26 May 1982 Withdrawn from 26 Tpt Sqn for rebuild

So, from the above we see that 175031 did its time and a little more - 1 year 18 days in country. It appears to have stayed with 86 Tpt Pl, (which became part of 26 Tpt Coy at Puckapunyal upon return from Vietnam) for the next 11 years! 175031 was restored and driven to Sydney for the Welcome Home Parade later in 1987, we wanted to have it in the March. Unforunately the Authorities would not allow it.

175031 was also used for the 'Australia Remembers' roadshow in 1995 and was on display at 86 Tpt Pl's reunion in Adelaide on 24th & 25th Apr 1999, to the delight of all who attended.


 Canungra Memorial

86 Transport Platoon is the first unit to have a memorial plaque located and dedicated at the Canungra Memorial site.

Wording written on the memorial plaque

 Commemorative Plaque

This plaque is located on the Anzac Highway, Adelaide, SA opposite bus stop 8. Photo supplied by Errol Johnson & Tony French 

 86 Tpt Plaque

The new plaque was issued to all members who attended the Gold Coast reunion in April 2002.