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VALE ******************** LEST WE FORGET Note: All reunion details have been moved to the events page VIETNAM VETERANS DAY - SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE 18 AUGUST 2016 The RAASC Banner will be on parade at the Shrine on VV Day. Would like to see a good turnout as this is the 50th Anniversary of Long Tan. Look for the banner and see you there. LETTER OF APOLOGY TO 86 TPT PL AND RAASC VIETNAM ASSOC. Dear sir, my name is Raymond Davis Regt.No. 216514. I would like the following message put on your notice board. It has been pointed out to me that I misrepresented my service in SVN. I put a post online in 2011 that "I served in 86 Tpt Pl 70/71". What i should have said was I served in HQ 5 Coy RAASC for the major part of my tour and then a detachment to 86 TptPl for the remainder of my tour. It has also been pointed out to me that the original post may have led people to believethat I served my entire tour with 86 Tpt Pl. This was not my intention and it was an oversight on my part. I have been informed that I have damaged the integrity of 86 Tpt Pl, for this I unreservedly apologise to anyone who feels that way as it was not my intention to do so. Raymond Davis. Further to this Ray also posted the apology on this websites Guestbook back in March of this year. GONE WALKABOUTS Does anyone know the whereabouts of James Lane. Last known address 29 Wells Rd, Chelsea Heights, Vic 3196. He has gone missing as "Playtime" returned to send (Not at this address) Please email the webmaster Email


17576 PrivateTerrance Alan EATON (HQ 1 Coy RAASC Apr to Oct 66/HQ AFV Oct 66 to Apr 67)

Born 10 Oct 42 – Corps RAASC.

Anyone who served with Terry in the above units between April 66 and April 67 is requested to contact

the Secretary Paul CURRAN JP on (03) 97203860 or Email

Information required urgently to assist in DVA disability claim

Email Paul Curran

GONE WALKABOUTS Does anyone no the whereabouts of Graeme & Joyce CORNWILL Last known address was 24 Bate Rd, Serpentine, WA They seem to have gone missing as "Playtime" returned (Left Address) If you can help contact the webmaster Email HELP WITH DVA CLAIM Geoff BEASLEY - currently in the process of submitting a claim to DVA in Adelaide, Geoff was RAASC posted to 1 AASO in 1970 and is seeking a LCpl David (?) BRODIE who was a RAASC driver attached to 1 AASO at the same time - LCpl BRODIE may be of assistance as a witness to an injury Geoff suffered. Anyone who can assist in locating LCpl BRODIE please phone Geoff on 0422 287 943 MEMBER GONE WALKABOUTS Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dennis CORBOY. His "PLAYTIME" Newsletter returned, No longer at address in MERRIGUM Vic. Please email Rob Lowe: HELP REQUIRED WITH DVA CLAIM 43374 Sgt John Leslie HORNER ia experiencing problems with DVA, disability cliam requires witnesses who can attest to the facts that Sht HORNER was in a motor vehicle accident prior to moving to Vietnam whereby he sustained injuries to both legs and also attest to the fact he was medivaced back to Aust with hepatitis. John's dates in country 4 May 66 to Nov 66 Those who can assist are requested to urgently make contact with Danny Burton, President VVF Canberra. Email: LOOKING FOR VETERANS I am the daughter of Major James Allan Noade Service No 3135452 (deceased 1985) who served in Vietnam 1970-71 in the unit AFV Detachment, 1st Communications Zone Postal Unit. (Captain then) Last week through a posting I placed on facebook a Jim Hamilton from America (assigned to Detachment 1600, United States Air Force Postal & Courier Service) contacted me in regards to my father. Apparently he had a good friendship with my father whilst in Vietnam and has been looking for him for the last 20 years. We have since spoken on the phone and I believe what he says to be the truth. Jim has also been searching for two other Australian soldiers, but has found it very hard to do from America. I told him I would try to assist him if I can. Their details are set out below: Name: Allan Kennedy, Service No: 1201604, Date of Birth: 7/2/1947 Rank: (Temporary) Sergeant Service: Army, Place of Birth: Hexham, Northumberland ENGLAND Corps: Royal Australian Army Service Corps AFV Detachment, 1st Communications Zone Postal Unit 25/03/1970 to 25/03/1971 **************** Name: ROHDE, Graham John Service No 4720638 Date of Birth: 05/01/1949 Rank: Private Service: Army, Place of Birth: Eudunda SA AUSTRALIA Corps: Royal Australian Army Service Corps AFV Detachment, 1st Communications Zone Postal Unit 15/10/1969 to 15/10/1970 I was wondering if you have any knowledge of these men. I realise if you do, under our privacy act you can not give me their addresses, but if you could please pass this email or my details onto them,. I would greatly appreciate it. my best regards Linda White (nee Noade) 2 Beaumont Drive Lismore East, NSW 2480 Email: MEDALS FOUND I am involved with the Moama R&SL Sub-Branch. We have had a set of Medals handed in and would like to have them returned to the their owner or a family member. Medals awarded to 2410458 Bruce Ernest Brown 2 Tpt Pl Vietnam 10 Oct 67 to 20 May 68. If you can assist. Contact Terry Veness 03 54809293 or Email: LOOKING FOR A MEMBER Trying to track down one your Corps members, Phil BERTUCH (3798322 Vietnam 1971). Phil was the inaugural president of VVAA Vic, and I would like to involve him in our 25th Anniversary activities this year. Last heard of in QLD. Perhaps the old boy RAASC network can trach him down. If so, the message is please contact Bob Elworthy 0402106262 or email: re VVAA Victoria activities this year. Regards and thanks Bob Elworthy MEMBERS GONE WALKABOUTS Do you know the whereabouts of the following members: BEEKMEYER John 85 Tpt Pl 68 /69 ex GPO Box 633 HOBART TAS 7001 HARVEY Keith & Suzanne Det 1 Comm Z Postal 70/71 ex 1 Sun Court BANKSIA BEACH, QLD 4507 Please contact Rob Lowe Email: URGENT HELP REQUIRED WITH A DVA CLAIM Seeking 32709 Albert Donald GRIFFITHS ex HQ AFV Sep 71 to Dec 71. Urgent contact requested to assist RAASC veteran in a disability claim to DVA. Please contact Peter LANGFORD Email: Urgently seeking 2787251 Thomas Benjamin MULLEY RAASC HQ AFV Jan 68 to Jan 69. Tom was driving the bus when VC came alongside on a motorcycle and attached a leather attache case full of explosives to a window of the bus. The device was dislodged from the window by WO2 Don ANDREWS and rendered inactive by hiting the road. Tom's assistance is required in a disability claim to DVA by an Australian soldier who was a passenger on the bus - the incident occured on 12 November 1968. Please contact the association Secretary Paul CURRAN on (03) 97203860 - or email DVA CLAIM ASSISTANCE Urgent Help Required SEARCHING FOR VIETNAM POSTIES. My name is Tony Loorham and I served with 1st Communication Zone Postal Unit in Saigon and Tan Son Nhut air base during the period of July 1971 to Dec 1971. During that time I was involved in several incidents and I need help to convince the DVA that they occurred. If there are any former 1 comm z posties/drivers who served in Saigon/Tan Son Nhut at that time could they please contact me via email or phone 03 5871 2242 any contact would be greatly appreciated. Regards Tony LOOKINF FOR A MATE I am looking for a mate, Wayne Haines (hope the spelling is correct). I last saw him in Randwick, he was with 88 Tpt Pl in 1970 but was sometimes attached to 101 Transport. He was from South Australia originally, I am note sure if he went to Vietnam but would appreciate any information on him. Please contact me Eamon Tansey Email DVA CLAIM ASSISTANCE Urgent Help Required Frank Storer 85/86 transport Pl. April to November 1971. Seeks witnesses to truck accident where engineers tarred the road and truck skidded hitting a large rock resulting 2 soldiers being thrown out of the cabin, one suffered back injuries the other head and suspected internal injuries, this occurred North of the Binh Bah rubber plantation. Cpl King radioed Sgt Foreman to call for the medevac which he did - then he threw purple smoke to ID location, CPL Kings radio call sign was seven four. Frank can not recall the exact date, therefore needs assistance in DVA claim to back up the event, any witnesses to please ring Frank on 0358662950 or email ANOTHER MATE LOCATED Well done to all. Peter Thomas Looking for mate 18892 SGT Robin Andrew MOULE Vietnam Service Australian Force Vietnam Cash Office 21/05/1968 04/06/1969 Visits 29/10/1969 - 05/11/1969 11/02/1970 - 21/02/1970 09/04/1970 - 16/04/1970 05/11/1970 - 10/11/1970 07/04/1971 - 31/12/1971 Rob took a commission and retired as a Major. xxxxxxxxxx Good Afternoon, my name is Peter Thomas During the period 1972 to 1974, I served with 28 ANZUK Brigade HQ & Signal Squadron along with Rob. I was in the British Royal Signals and we shared an office with a NZ Sergeant. We had some really good times. Since leaving in 1974 to return to the UK, I have lost touch with him. I know he was married and had two children. We would both be in our mid 20,s. My son now lives in New Zealand and we are planning to visit there in January next year for a couple of months. If I remember, his home town is/was Wallangarra in Queensland and in terms of distance a damn sight nearer than here!? I would be really grateful if your association could help me to trace him so we can make arrangements to visit if that is possible. Many thanks in anticipation Best regards Peter (23986773 Sergeant P THOMAS. Royal Corps of Signals. Retd) Email: Peter Thomas LOOKING FOR VETERAN Would anyone having knowledge of the following person contact Bill Kidd on or in turn have the person contact me direct; 2782340 John Lewis Williams Army Catering Corps 85 Transport Platoon Vung Tau and HQ 1st Logistic Support Group Vung Tau 16/04/67 - 02/04/68. I have not had contact with JW since Anzac Day 1968 and would like to catch up with him as would a number of other Detachment 86 Transport Platoon chaps. Kindest Regards Bill Kidd former T/Corp Detachment 86 Transport Platoon 1967-68 Army Museum Bandiana I am the Registrar of the Army Museum Bandiana and fellow Vietnam Veteran (2 AOD 69-70 & 71-72). The Army Museum Bandiana is the home of the RAASC/RACT collection and as such we are looking for photos of vehicles being used in Vietnam. I have located one photo of the Mk 5 Compactus by Raymond Norman Power on the Australian War Memorial web site but the quality is poor. Could you please ask your members if they have any photos or memorabilia that they are willing to donate to the Museum, in particular the MK 5 Garbage truck. If members don't wish to donate photos, could we borrow them for copying and then return them to members. Regards Kym Lambert SEARCH FOR MEMBER I am searching for an old member of 8 Petroleum Platoon - 44856 Edward Bayne. Eddie was last heard of in South Australia but I have lost contact with him. He served in Vietnam between Nov 1969 and Oct 1970. Anyone with any information please contact me via email or 0418 549 162 Regards Ray Hutchinson LOOKING FOR A VIETNAM VETERAN Seeking the where abouts of 216292 Phillip Neal EDWARDS ex 86 Transport Platoon Singapore 1971-73. Air Dispatch South Vietnam 1967-68. Please contact Gordon Phone: 02 6766 5924 For all interstate and country members, remember if you are every in Melbourne please give a member of committee a call and we will arrange for you to have a quiet drink and meet other members of the association, remember the door is open and the light is always on. To win this awardwe need your vote Please click above