Photo's supplied by members of the association



85 Transport Platoon - Nui Dat

Supplied by Dennis Lansbury.

  Unit Mascot (Road Runner). Sign originally belonged to 2 RAR & acquired by a member of the unit from the front gate of 2 RAR after they returned to Aust. Repainted by members of the unit around Apr 68
  Convoy on Highway 1 enroute to FSB Coral. Note: Load that had me bogged just like bottom picture.
  New HQ building to replace tent offices, erected around 68/69.
  HQ 85 Tpt Pl. RAASC around Feb 68. Located opposite 2nd Battalion (ANZACS) R.A.R.
  International Mk 5 Truck
  Arrival at FSB Coral around Apr 68. A firefight was taking place as this photo was been taken. Note: Centurion tanks in background and long grass.
  Backyard of living quarters 68/69. Volley Ball court in foreground .

Vehicle involved in rear end smash on convoy whilst returning from Vung Tau caused by very heavy red dust near Hoa Long village & old entrance to Nui Dat around Mar 68.

The driver received severe leg & other injuries, other members of the unit received injuries & some were thrown from the vehicle.

  Convoy on Highway 1 enroute to FSB Coral. Private George TRIANTAFILOU? is on the right. Other members name not known.
  Bogged near sand pits close to Nui Dat enroute to FSB Coral. Hooked on to front APC by operating winch & both APC's connected. With both pulling it took over an hour to get me out as I was carrying artillery rounds, rolls of barbed wire & also towing a tilt bed trailer with tractor.

Saigon 1968/69

  For those stationed in Saigon, do you recognise this building located in Cholon.
  Free World Building (HQ AFV)
  HQ AFV transport compound 1968
  Entrance to the FWB and the transport compound is located at the top left corner of the picture.
  Rear of HQ AFV 1968

Nui Dat - Miscallaneous


 These rocks located by Bob Coker on return trip to the Dat Aug 1990.

52 Sup Pl rock is painted in Corps colours blue/gold with unit name painted in gold on blue background.


 This rock is painted blue/gold on rear and on the front in red with the words "Kanga Country Stop. One Way painted in white.

The rocks were located to the west of Canberra Ave (the main north/south rd on the East of the Dat just about opposite the old cash office. Two Recce Flt rocks were also located.

26 Transport Company

Photo's supplied by Paul Asbury

 85 Tpt Pl Truck Cargo fitted with water tanks at Nui Dat in 1969
 Servicing the dumps in the workshop at the end of the 85 Tpt Pl compound at Nui Dat in 1970.
 TFMA CP with admin tent on the right. 1OFP buildings can be seen behind the CP. Officers' tent in right foreground. Nui Dat - May 1970.
 Members of TFMA patrol platoon in mobile shower provided by 1OFP. At FSB Le Loi - Aug 1970.
 Going Home. Not quite yet on a jet plane, but catching the Wallaby from Nui Dat to Saigon on RTA - Oct 1970.

2 Transport Platoon

Photo's supplied by Rusty Thomas

 Unit accommodation at 1 ALSG Vung Tau
 Workshops recovery vehicle
 Bunkers being contructed around unit lines
 Unit truck loaded with rolls of barbed wire ready for convoy to a FSB within the 1 ATF operational area
 Convoy ready to depart Vung Tau enroute to FSB. Note the gun jeep at bottom of picture has an M60 Machine gun mounted in the rear.
 Same convoy
 Convoy halted enroute to FSB. Note shotgun standing in open hatch of the truck.
 Unit vehicles arrice at FSB and off load.
 Darrell Bond trying to help with the off load at the FSB

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